Findings at Indus Valley Civilisation

excelias - indus valley civilisation findings or excavations

We are providing you a comprehensive list of findings at Indus Valley/Harappa Civilisation. It is one of the hot topics of ancient history. It will help you in tackling factual questions regarding this topic in any competitive examinations such as UPSC, State Public Services, SSC, Railways etc.

SiteArchaeological Finds
MohenjodaroGreat Granary, Great Bath, Assembly hall, Seal of Pashupati, Bull seal, Steatite image of bearded man, Bronze image of nude female dancer, human skeletons, painted seal of demi-god, a piece of woven cotton, 1398 seals, 2 mesopotamian seals, Brick kilns
HarappaSix granaries in row, seal of Virgin Goddess, stone symbols of Lingam and Yoni, Clay figure of Mother Goddess, Cemetery(H, R-37) wheat and barley in wooden mortar, copper-made mirror, vanity box, copper scale
LothalDockyard, shops of metal workers, bead makers and shell ornament makers; Fire altars, Rice-Husk, Terracotta figure of Horse and Ship, double burial(female with male), Dying vat, Painted jar
KalibanganBaked bangles, Camel bones, 7 fire altars, Decorated bricks, Pre-Harappan ploughed field surface, Mesopotamian cylindrical seal, wheels of toy cart
BanawaliClay figure of Mother Goddess, Toy plough, lack of grid pattern town planning and systemic drainage system
ChanhudaroLack of Citadel, inkpot, lipstick, Dog's paw imprint on brick, shops of metal workers, bead makers and shell ornament makers; Terracotta model of Bullock-cart
DholaviraUnique storm water drainage system, site divided into 3 parts, Stadium, large well and giant water reservoir, Largest Harappan inscriptions
Surkotadastone covered oval graves, only site with Horse bones, Pot burials
DaimabadBronze images of ox, elephant, rhinoceros and chariot with charioteer
RakhigarhiHuman skeleton, fire altars, Stone covered graves, hunting tools
RangpurEvidence of rice, bajra and millet, Dishes with beaded rim and grooved shoulder, painted black & redware and high-necked jars
AlamgirpurImpression of cloth on trough
BarorOrnaments, clay oven, human skeleton, a pitcher filled with 8000 pearls
Kerala-no-dhoro(Padri)Salt production center
PabumathA large building complex, copper bangles, unicorn seal, shell bangles, beads, needles, antimony rods